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Advanced Gun Dog

Retriever Training Obedience Training Dog Training
Retriever Training Obedience Training Dog Training

     The Advanced level of gundog training is for someone who wants a finished gundog. After advanced training your dog will be able to mark and retrieve multiple birds and be able to run a blind on land and water. Dogs will also be able to honor another dogs work and know how to deal with diversion birds. This type of gundog training creates a no hassle hunting dog, making future hunting trips much more enjoyable!


After Advanced Gundog Training the dog will be through the following steps:

  • Whistle sits 

  • Simple casting 

  • Force to pile

  • Simple T 

  • Double T 

  • Water T 

  • Pattern blinds

  • Blind drills 

  • Taught land and water blinds 

  • Cold land and water blinds 

  • Multiple marks on land and water


Advanced Gundog Training can take anywhere from 7 to 10 months to complete

$725 per month

*Puppies bought, either directly from Legacy Retrievers or from one of our recommended breeders, will receive a discount on their first month of training!*

***Note: This timeline is an average and can vary according to each dogs learning ability and the type of start it received as a pup.***

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