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Basic Gundog

1st Month

We spend the first month training on obedience. During this time we teach your dog sit, here and heel while on a leash. After they have a thorough understanding of the commands, we will then move to off leash obedience and collar conditioning. We throw lots of therapy marks so they will maintain a positive attitude. Your dog is exposed to all kinds of new things including birds, bumpers, water, cover, gunfire, and gunners in the field.

Right Start Puppy Program alumni will be well aware of birds, bumpers, water, cover, gunfire, and gunners in the field.


2nd Month

We will put the finishing touches on their obedience at this point. During the second month of basic training we will start force fetch to teach the commands fetch, hold, and drop. We also continue to throw therapy marks for the dog so that they will maintain a positive attitude towards retrieving. At the end of the second month your dog will make consistent retrieves and be able to deliver to hand. 


3rd Month

The rules have been established during the first 2 months and now we move to field work; what every retriever lives for! We will continue to develop their marking abilities on singles by starting in short cover. As the month progresses we will move onto longer marks in heavier cover and different types of terrain. Your dog will learn how to "hunt smart" and find the bird. Steadiness on the line will also be addressed more thoroughly during this month.


4th Month

At this point in training all the hunting situations start to come into play. They will see all types of water and field scenarios, from flooded flats and deep water reservoirs to harvested milo and rice fields. We put a lot of focus on steadiness in the duck blind and make sure that they are exposed to decoys, multiple shooters, duck calling, and remote sends from a dog stand. At the end of the 4th month they will be ready for just about any type of hunting scenario. 


$725 per month

*Puppies bought, either directly from Legacy Retrievers or from one of our recommended breeders, will receive a discount on their first month of training!*

***Note: This timeline is an average and can vary according to each dogs learning ability and the type of start it received as a pup.***

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