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Obedience Training


     In addition to retriever training Legacy Retrievers also offers several different Obedience Training Courses for most medium and large breeds. Obedience is the first step in making a solid retriever and a well mannered pet. Our Obedience Training Courses will supply your dog with a solid foundation for any type of training you may want to pursue in the future. All our obedience training courses are a flat rate, you pay for the job, not for x amount of days. We do this in order to tailor each course to your dog, as not every dog learns at the same speed. At Legacy Retrievers we want your pet to remain a happy enthusiastic dog that is happy to work for you, not a robot who has no personality. 

    Upon completion of any Obedience Training Course we will walk you through your pets training step by step. If you need multiple sessions to make this happen then it's not a problem! We want you to be comfortable and confident while working your dog. Once you take your dog home we are still here if you need help! You may always reach out to us with questions.

     We often get the question of "When should I start my pups training?" We believe in letting the pup mature before it receives any "formal obedience training". Light obedience training that is treat oriented with high praise will be performed for dogs that are 3 to 4 months of age. Your pet will be ready to move to a more advanced Obedience Training Course once they reach 5 to 6 months old. While it is always better to get an early start on training, we at Legacy Retrievers are fully capable of training your older misbehaved canine as well. We have had great success with multiple breeds and dogs of any age, our oldest being 7 years old!


Like our Retriever Training Program, all boarding and food is included in the price.

Puppy Imprint Obedience Program, 3 to 5 months old $600 per month
***Puppies who go through our Imprint Obedience Program will receive a $100 discount on any follow up Obedience Training Course***  
     Our Imprint Obedience Program is designed for young pups from 3 to 5 months old. This program is designed to be a precursor to any of our formal obedience programs, although it is not required. The Imprint Obedience Training Program sets the stage at an early age for success and gets their mind working while learning to be a team player. It focuses on socialization and high praise treat oriented obedience while on leash. 

Basic On Leash Obedience Training, $875 for 18 days (all times are an estimate)
     The Basic On Leash Obedience Course will teach your pet the basic commands while on leash. Commands will include sit, here and heel all while on leash. Upon completion you will be able to take your pet for a walk on leash without them walking you!

Intermediate On Leash Obedience Training, $1150 for 24 days (all times are an estimate)
     The Intermediate On Leash Obedience Course will teach your pet the basic commands of sit, here and heel but will also include the down command and whistle obedience. This obedience training program will give you more control of your pet on those walks through the neighborhood. Whistle obedience stems from our retriever program but over the years many of our obedience clients have requested this for their family pet as well. 

Advanced On Leash Obedience Training, $1375 for 30 days (all times are an estimate)
     The Advanced On Leash Obedience Course will teach your dog the sit, here, heel, place and whistle commands. This obedience training course will also include collar conditioning with the e-collar. The E-collar is a great tool when used properly. After collar conditioning the collar will be able to be used to give a simple low stimulation correction for simple commands such as no, sit or here. We will teach you all aspects of using the E-collar before you take your pup home.

Basic Off Leash Obedience Training, $1650 for 42 days (all times are an estimate)
     The Basic Off Leash Obedience Course will teach your dog the sit, here, heel and kennel commands while  on leash first. Once they have a solid understanding of the commands on leash they will then go to collar conditioning with the E-collar. Upon completion of collar conditioning they will then begin to learn all the same commands while working off leash. Once this program is completed you will have a well behaved dog that will have a solid recall command while off leash.

Intermediate Off Leash Obedience Training, $2000 for 55 days (all times are an estimate)
     The Intermediate Off Leash Obedience Course will teach your pet everything that is learned in the Basic Off Leash Obedience Course(sit, here, heel, collar conditioning, kennel) PLUS they will learn the place command and go through our whistle obedience as well. The whistle training is great tool for those long recall commands! This course will give you greater control of your pup plus allow for a longer distance recall command.

Advanced Off Leash Obedience Training, $2600 for 70 days (all times are an estimate)
     The Advanced Off Leash Obedience Course is for the canine owner who wants the ultimate control in any situation, whether it is at home in the back yard or in a public place. This Obedience Training Program will teach your pet everything that is learned in the Basic and Intermediate Off Leash Obedience Course (sit, here, heel, collar conditioning, kennel, place and whistle). PLUS your pet will be exposed to different environmental aspects such as being comfortable in water and going to public stores where pets are allowed. This Obedience Training Program will allow your pet to be well rounded and well behaved in just about any situation.

Private Obedience Lessons
     Private Obedience Lessons are available on a limited basis at our kennel location. Private lessons are best suited for clients who have the time to train their canine daily. We simply give you the correct approach to do so and the rest is up to you.

Private Obedience Lessons with Head Trainer Dennis White,
$65 for 30 minute session
$100 for 60 minute session

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