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Right Start Puppy Training

(8 weeks to 6 months)

Get the right start with your pup by bringing it to Legacy Retrievers!

     As your dog matures, they develop behaviors based on their experiences. Many of the training issues that are observed in older dogs come from behaviors that are learned when they are an impressionable puppy. At Legacy Retrievers we believe in taking advantage of this stage in your pups life by proper socialization and exposure to multiple scenarios. 

Pups will begin to learn what they will do as an older working retriever.

They will be exposed to:

  • marks

  • multiple gunners in the field

  • decoys

  • live and dead birds

  • gunfire

  • informal obedience

  • heavy cover

  • water

  • loading up

  • crate training

  • and much more!


     Pups who progress fast enough will begin to learn simple casting and lining drills in the yard. We can customize this program depending upon what path you would like to take with your pup, whether it will be a gundog, run hunt tests, or if you are shooting for field trials. This program is great for dogs and clients that are wanting to run derbies as it puts them ahead of the game for formal training.

     The Right Start puts your pup ahead of the game and has him/her ready for their basics sooner. Many of our "students" have gone on to be successful in the hunt test and field trial game. All of our puppy work is done in a very fun environment with lots of positive reinforcement. After going through our Right Start Puppy Program the dog's attitude towards training and learning are much better and they are ready to progress to the next step.

$550 a month (includes live birds)

Puppies bought, either directly from Legacy Retrievers or from one of our recommended breeders, will receive a discount on their first month of training!

One of our young Right Start Pups getting some water action with a live pigeon!

Another one of our young Right Start Pups being introduced to retired guns in the field. The kids love helping with the puppies!

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